inventiX Materials

Inventory and analytics software for factories, traders & Warehouses

InventiX Materials module is an end-to-end operations management system that handles inventory of any stores in the manufacturing industry. While sales and purchase visibility in conventional systems involves multiple reports with manual intervention to understand and analyze across product groups, products, time/date periods etc, Materials allows the user to access the entire procurement and inventory analysis with a single dashboard view.

The Story

InventiX Materials is a 360-degree system that offers several features including the following.
  • Complete analysis of material consumption against the customer order and budgeted forecast
  • Real-time inventory availability based on sales orders, GRN’s, allocations etc while tracking other product details including batch numbers, shelf life, FIFO models, unit purchase and sales prices etc.
  • Customer and factory work order linked directly to supplier PO, GRN, quality and material issue
  • Holistic traceability of completed forms/documents like Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Payments, and Inventory adjustments, Wastage / Scrap etc using a single navigation dashboard.
  • Checks and balances at process level in sales, purchase & inventory with complete audit trails. This improves inventory accuracies, eliminate inventory obsolescence and bring in control of operations in dollar terms.
Product Overview

InventiX – Materials involves managing complete purchases, sales, and inventory related activities for any trading business across the world. Inventory & Analytics application is a robust and time tested product line, built on latest technologies.

  • Workflow management system to handle entire purchase, sales processes including stock.
  • Purchase involves receive – weigh – segregate – store.
  • Stock involves managing the product wise inventory in the facility.
  • End-to-end visibility across the facility on product, quantity, unit price, customer etc.