inventiX PlanIT

Advanced Production Planning & Scheduling Software for Discrete Manufacturing Industries.

In a Production floor, Planning Scheduling is a looped process, as each fuels the other. While Planning defines the ‘What & How,’ Scheduling defines the ‘Who & When.’ This makes the production planning process, a critical, detail-oriented and time-consuming task.

Ideal for Discrete Manufacturing Industries

Machinery Only
Man & Machinery
Man, Machinery & Molding

An Analytics based Production Planning Scheduling Solution for discrete manufacturing industries, InventiX PlanIT has been developed based on

Efficiency is an Outcome of Good Planning

Based on M6 Analysis, InventiX-PlanIT helps manufacturers balance between, managing workflows (efficiently & economically), while meeting customer deliveries on-time, consistently.

InventiX-PlanIT is an easy-to-use application that generates accurate production schedules based on actual capacity, material availability and delivery timelines. This means Planning Managers can:

  • Optimize resource efficiency
  • Reduce outsourcing by maximizing the utilization of own resources
  • Reduce lead times, throughput and pack & hold
  • Save working capital by minimizing inventory & WIP
  • Respond quickly to backlogs with high visibility to production information
  • Get indications of potential problems and take corrective action to avoid late deliveries & penalties
  • Identify untapped production capacity to respond immediately to new sales opportunities